If you’ve chosen one of these natural stones for your project, here are some useful installation tips:

Using the Right Adhesive

Using the wrong adhesive can cause tiles not only to lift over, but could also cause a hazard. You may need to consider your choice of grout to accommodate and we recommend adhesives that do not contain water.

Clean Surface

When installing Pedra Hijau tiles or any other natural stone tiles, your surface should be clean, and removed of any existing coating such as paint or wax.

Waterline Sealant

Pedra Hijau does not require sealing if it is being used in dry areas, such as for garden landscaping or indoor construction. However, if you’re using the natural stone for outdoor, such as: pool, it is important that you seal the tiles at the waterline. Ensure the tiles are clean and dry prior to applying the sealant, and keep the tiles away from water or extreme conditions for approximately 12 hours following.

Natural Stone Expands

All natural stone expands when hot and contracts when cool. When laying Pedra Hijau, it is important not to leave your tiles in the sun beforehand, as they can expand by several millimetres. For example: when you prepare your pool or work area, make sure it is also sheltered, so that your tiles are not accidently subjected to extra heat. Remember to lay with movement joints to accommodate expansion and contraction.

Make The Most of Natural Colour Variations

One of the advantages of using natural stone is that no two pieces are ever the same. Whether creating a Pedra Hijau wall or designing a water feature – you’ll be guaranteed a beautiful blend of green shades.

Covering After Installation

Once you’ve installed your tiles, it’s important that you protect them from water (including rain) for several hours, and we recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight for a period of 12 hours. If you’re creating a pool, it’s advisable to fill it as soon as possible to protect the stone from the elements.


How to clean and maintain Green Sukabumi stone

Material Crumble

This issue appears after installation when the material crumbles on the surface of Pedra Hijau tiles. This problem can be minimized by the material selection after the cutting process by water testing control in the factory. This typical problem normally comes from the crystal color based that contains clay inside the stone.


It is easy to clean mud from the stone. You only need to clean it with a nylon brush or a soft plastic.

Yellow Spot or Color Changing

The most common problem on Pedra Hijau tiles is yellow spot. There are 2 types of spot: Permanent stain (from the stone itself) is natural and cannot be cleaned. Another one is yellow stain which is caused by storing, can be cleaned. This stain usually arises from the oxidation of the stone and oxygen

How to clean yellow spots:

  • Use a ceramic cleaner that is mixed with water. The ratio is 25% ceramic cleaner and 75% water
  • Pour the liquid on the yellow spot surface or just dip the stone fully in the liquid.
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes and brush it with a soft nylon.
  • Finally, clean throughly under running wate

To avoid these common problem, always choose professional supplier which provide high quality stones. At Pedrasverde, we work hard to control our products to ensure you get high quality products.