World Class Natural Stone for Luxurious Swimming Pool
Natural decoration style becomes more popular these days and even it becomes a new trend in luxurious architecture and decoration. This trends is also applied in swimming pool decoration. The new trends of natural ornaments for luxurious swimming pools is impeccable and it can be found all over the globe. Whether it is a swimming pool in the most luxurious villas in Bali and Phuket to the high-end resort hotels Hawaii and Rio, there’s one similar thing about them and that is the beautiful natural stone pool tiles. Those swimming pools are using Green Sukabumi Stone.

Unique and Elegant Natural Stone
Also widely known as Pedra Hijau Verde, the Green Sukabumi Stone becomes a premium choice of natural stone tiles. No wonder because it has very unique green color like any other natural stone. This type of stone can only be found in Indonesia and that makes it quite rate and very exclusive. The tile of this natural stone can be used as swimming pool surface as well as decorative stone outside the pool area. The elegant green color and the natural stone pattern really creates high end elegance and fresh natural atmosphere that brings more spirit of joy. When applied as swimming pool tiles, Green Sukabumi Stone or Pedra Hijau Verde tile can deliver natural benefits. This stone is rich of natural compound known as zeolite that works very well as a purify agent. This stone tiles will help purifying the water to keep it clean and fresh for longer time. Green Sukabumi Stone tile is a good choice for both fresh water and salt water swimming pool.

Two Different Color Based
There are two basic appearances of Green Sukabumi Stone, the first one is plain color based and the second one is crystal color based. Both color based are assorted while in excavation through certain layer. Using advanced process, both color based can be separated. It is also important to understand, like every other natural stone, Green Sukabumi Stone has diverse color variation as it contains natural stone contains various chlorite minerals formed by iron nodules and layers. This gives value of uniqueness and elegance to the tiles both in dry and wet condition. In case customers request certain color range, color selection will be applied to meet the request. Application of Green Sukabumi Stone is practically the same as any other tile designed for swimming pool. It is highly advised to use grout as it will provide protection against movement. The grout will also make the tiles easier to care in wet condition.

Common Issues with Green Sukabumi Tiles
Good maintenance is required for Green Sukabumi tiles. It is intended to maintain the good appearance and quality of the tiles. There are two common problems on this type of stone tiles. The first one is oxidation of the stone causing color changing. This issue can be prevented by material color selections on the production process. The second issue is crumbling tiles, mostly found on crystalized color based. The clay materials inside the tile leaks out in the sun and washed by flowing water. Material selection once again the best solution to prevent this problem.

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