Green Sukabumi Stone Sawn Cut, the Best Material for Exterior and Swimming Pool Decoration

Green Sukabumi Stone sawn cut price may not be cheap. But purchasing it will be worth it because it is the most exquisite material that will bring luxurious atmosphere to your exterior decoration. Its natural green hue is one of a kind and this is not something you can easily find from another stone. Produced exclusively in Sukabumi, a small yet beautiful city in Indonesia, Green Sukabumi Stone has been used to decorate so many luxurious resorts and private residences in various countries around the world, from South East Asia, United States and even Europe.

Green Sukabumi Stone Sawn Cut for Elegant and Premium Look

Maybe you are wondering why Green Sukabumi Stone sawn cut price is relatively expensive. Actually, this is because the material is pretty rare. Moreover, its green hue presents such a premium look that can make your exterior looks more elegant in an instant.

Green Sukabumi Stone comes with various finish and sizes. Sawn cut finish is actually less popular than honed finish. However, if you want something more unique and eye catching, sawn cut, which is also known as fleur cut, is the best option. Green Sukabumi Stone sawn cut possesses a distinctive characteristic that can make your exterior looks more natural, but it is more elegant because it is smoother than Green Sukabumi Stone with rough finish.

If you want more premium look, bigger size is the better option. However, if you are after something more modern and simple, the smaller one can do magic for your exterior. Of course big size Green Sukabumi Stone sawn cut price will be more expensive because it requires more of the rare natural materials. But once it is installed, you definitely will see that your money is very well spent.

Green Sukabumi Stone Sawn Cut for Swimming Pool Décor

Green Sukabumi Stone sawn cut can be used for any exterior decoration, but it is a match made in heaven for swimming pool. The green hue and slightly blue tone is refreshing and it is just what swimming pool is all about. Furthermore, this stone can invite more natural atmosphere to the surroundings.

Green Sukabumi Stone sawn cut also has several other advantages if it is used in and around swimming pool. This stone is a natural purifier so it can help keeping the water in the swimming pool clean. Moreover, despite of its smooth surface, Green Sukabumi Stone is not slippery at all so it will not cause any accident. It also doesn’t absorb heat easily so you can walk with bare foot comfortably even under scorching hot sun. Thanks to its durability and easy maintenance characteristic, this stone will be a good long lasting investment for you.

After searching for Green Sukabumi Stone sawn cut price, you must be tempted to buy it as soon as possible. However, before you place your order, there is something you have to pay attention to. The manufacturer will measure the stone in square meter since it is the most common measurement in Indonesia. So, if you use square feet for the installation, make sure you convert it to square meter first to avoid miscalculation.

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