Pedras Verde (PT. Pedra Dorma Berkat)  is a company that focuses its business field on natural stone manufacturer, processing, and exporting. This company was established seven years ago and it is now engaged to a good deal of client numbers as potential supplier of natural stone. Seven years of experience has led Pedras Verde to decent mastery on this field, providing only the most exquisite quality of material and service to partners and clients.

Located in beautiful Bali, Pedras Verde has the best people working in our team. Bali is known not only for its beautiful scene but also wonderful architecture on its resorts, hotels, and villas. As inspiring as it can be, Pedras Verde always tries to deliver the same beauty to other places, even countries so more people can enjoy the same elegance near them. Pedras Verde offers not only raw natural stones. This company is more than capable to provide you with the manufactured one so you can use it on your swimming pool, terrace, patio, and any other spot you can imagine. Many of the partners and clients like to use what Pedras Verde can supply for the best spot on their property where architecture is about art as well. 

Indonesia alone is an excellent place to get all the most beautiful natural stones you can want. Pedras Verde has the best hands on this field to provide you with the most excellent manufactured ones. This company offers only first class quality and absolute customer service for your project. Companies with luxurious project should find the stones, tiles, and other building materials as reliable, high quality, and stunning as it is expected. When it comes to exotic natural stones, tiles, and building materials, Pedras Verde should be the answer.

Pedras Verde has been exporting their products to several countries in Asia, Latin America, and Central America for years now. This company regularly sends supplies to many companies and clients to complete their project on beautiful buildings and properties. These business engagements have been valuable assets as well for the company as Pedras Verde builds really good professional relation with partners and clients. With regular monthly shipment to those countries, Pedras Verde should be considered more than professional on this particular field. Partners and clients have positive response towards Pedras Verde with no negative complaints to obtain from them. Maintaining mutual business partnership in the best manner has been the company best quality to find as well so far.

Pedras Verde maintains to manufacture only the best and the most desired products for partners and clients worldwide. This company is after international market and the team will not stop on second grade quality of product and service. Striving to provide the best, Pedras Verde is welcoming new partners and clients from any possible country.

Pedras Verde would like to know your needs and see if their team can meet your requirements and demands on this field. Kindly contact this company to get more information and details for supply and business partnership.